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Table View High school is a progressive, dynamic educational institution that aims to provide the best possible education to the learners - set within the parameters of sound values and an academic and disciplined environment.

I believe that at Table View we can hold our heads high because we are succeeding in educating learners for the future. We send the Grade 12s into the “real” world convinced that despite the many challenges faced in education during their years at school, we have confident and competent learners who can take on the challenges of life.

Academically, we achieved a 98.2% pass rate! 9 "A" Aggregates and 34 "B" Aggregates. 115 of our learners achieved a Bachelor pass at the end of 2017. 


These excellent results would not have been possible without the support of the parents and most importantly, the dedication, persistence and motivation of each and every staff member. These specialist educators ensure academic support of the highest quality in classes.


While the academic programme is the control pillar of the school, we strongly encourage involvement in the many and varied extra-curricular activities the school has to offer. The skills learnt in the cultural and sporting spheres of the school are critical to the well-rounded growth and maturity of all our learners. Nothing is achieved without a huge effort from the participants and the coach or mentor.


We thank all those who have worked so hard to achieve a personal or team victory and in doing so have brought recognition to Table View High. Our achievers in sport and cultural activities were honoured at our respective Awards Evenings. We congratulate them for their outstanding contribution to keeping the Table View flag flying high.


Education cannot be today what it was yesterday. It has to be more and it has to be different. It needs to provide for the changing needs of the children in a world that is regulated by endless challenges and is dependent on creative thinkers.


Therefore, it has become of the greatest importance for parents in selecting the right school. I believe that we do offer the above and thank you for choosing TVHS. Together with the correct guidance and support we can achieve anything!


Essential to the functioning of a school is the school’s Governing Body which works in conjunction with the management team towards a common vision. The Governing Body members give a great deal of time to the school and we are sincerely appreciative of this

May you be encouraged to browse through the website and hopefully you will be familiarized with Table View High, its staff and learners by the time you log off.


Ms. RA Cummings

Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION STATEMENT - we strive to offer a high quality holistic education to equip our learners with knowledge, skills, moral values as well as respect for all people and the environment.


OUR BADGE - reflects the background of the area. The crossed sabres depict the Battle of Blaauwberg (1806) which was the major historical event of this area. The navy blue and white lines below depict Rietvlei, the main attraction of our environment, with Table Mountain in the background. The blues represent the sea and sky, and the gold suggests the colour of our sand.


THE MOTTO – Optima Petamus (“we strive for the best”) –expresses our aim for our learners.


OUR PHILOSOPHY is that as a child-centred institution we aim at providing each learner with the basic skills they need to succeed in adult life, in particular the ability to make considered decisions and the courage to accept the consequences. Furthermore, our aim is to develop a keen awareness of the pupil’s own strength and shortcomings, develop skills of application, social interaction and a respect for those who differ in culture and ability.


School Song

Our’s the view of the Bay and the Mountain;

Our’s a school where values are taught.

Outwards there’s permanent beauty,

Inside perfection is sought.

Here are the Pillars of Learning;

Here’s preparation for Life

In our work, our sport, our devotions -

No place here for struggle, and strife.


“Optima Petamus,

Optima Petamus”,-

We Aim for the best

With courage and zest!

“Optima, Optima,

Optima Petamus”


Met die Baai en die Berg as ons uitsig;

staan ons skool waar waardes gedy.

Hier sal ons streef na die wysheid,

Skoonheid en vrede ons lei.

Hier leer ons dink voor ons handel;

hier word ons kragte gewy

aan kultuur, aan godsdiens, aan kennis,

om hoop vir ‘n toekoms te kry.


“Optima Petamus,

Optima Petamus”,-

Ons skool is ons trots

Dis ons anker en rots.

“Optima, Optima,

Optima Petamus”


Our History

On 21 January 1986, the start of a new school year, 357 Std 6 & 7 pupils plus the Headmaster, 18 teachers and the secretary walked through the doors of TVHS.


Everyone had high expectations and ideals and they paved the way for those who followed. In 1989 we had our first group of Std 10’s – which meant we could elect a Prefect Body. We elected 17 prefects with Sally O’Shea and Bradley Wade being the first head girl and head boy of the school.


Over the years the school has grown exponentially and we currently have, besides the Headmaster, 2 Deputies, 47 educators, 5 office ladies and over 1000 learners. Let’s not forget there is also an Estate Manager, 8 maintenance staff and a Sports Administrator.


The school was originally built for 750 learners – things were getting a wee bit squashed so the Education Department gave us a few Prefab Classes. Despite regular maintenance and care, these Prefabs did not stand the test of time, so 7 years ago, at great expense, we built 4 extra classrooms plus toilet facilities as well as accommodation to house an Estate Manager. The design and colour of this new extension was architecturally in line with the current building. Besides the buildings, our various sports fields grew in leaps and bounds, catering for rugby, hockey, soccer, tennis, netball etc. We even laid a mini-Astro Turf 4 years ago. More extensions were on the cards – we built an impressive multi-purpose Centre above the new classrooms. This building serves as a lecture/examination room (accommodating about 130 learners at a time) and recreational place. It is often hired out for private functions thus generating funds for the school. It is a sought after place as where else in Cape Town do you get an uninterrupted view of our famous Table Mountain!


Since 1989 (the year of our first group of Grade 12’s) TVHS has had 3853 Grade 12’s walk the hallowed halls and sit their final examinations. Although I regret to say that all were not successful, we have had an excellent pass rate. Over the past 11 years, we achieved a 100% pass rate in 9 of the 11 years. That is no mean feat.


As part of our vision, we would like to “produce” young people with qualities which include, amongst others, moral values, respect for all people and the environment. All this whilst educators at the same time impart knowledge.


Plotting the way forward is always a challenge especially as the education system has often changed over the last couple of years. However, we will stick to the mission above in the hope that with competent educators we can achieve our goals.