In terms of the South African Schools Act, every school must call a meeting for parents at which the annual budget is presented and school fees for the New Year are proposed and approved. Once approved, the school fees become compulsory for all families in the school and are legally enforceable.  The meeting of TVHS School parents to approve the budget and set the fees for 2020, was held on 5 November 2019.  The annual compulsory school fees for 2020 have been set at R21 120.00 per learner


Additional Levy:  Computer Applications Technology – R840.00 per learner per annum (only for grades 10-12). 
This levy covers the cost of upgrading software programmes, wear and tear on hardware and a variety of consumable items used by the learners.


Payments for fees may be made in one of the following ways:








PLEASE NOTE: The following are the preferred methods of payment for school fees:

EFT or direct deposit – into the school’s bank account

Payment for school fees can also be made at the school – only cash or cheque

Via cashless app on D6 connect

School fees exemption (applicable to SCHOOL FEES only, NOT to Computer Application Technology).
Table View High School is a fee-paying school.  As parents, you have all taken a conscious decision to put your children at a fee-paying school, rather than opt for a non-fee-paying school.  Having chosen a fee-paying school, this surely places an obligation on you to pay fees.

The above notwithstanding, in terms of the South African Schools Act, families who are unable to afford the school fees are entitled to apply for a total or partial fee exemption.  Please note that the combined gross income of the biological parents is considered in assessing your financial standing.  The rebate is calculated according to a formula as set by the Department of Education. 

Applications for the exemption of school fees have to be made on the prescribed form which is available from the fees office. The closing date for applications is 29 February 2020.  Please note that even though you may have received a rebate in the current year, the law requires you to re-apply for the next year.  If you experience difficulty in paying fees, please be reminded that the responsibility is yours to inform us. 
STUDY VISAS:  In terms of the condition of study visas, these parents may NOT apply for an exemption or any payment dispensations, as this contravenes the conditions of the study visa.



Statements are emailed monthly.  It is the responsibility of parents to inform the school of any change in address, contact numbers or email addresses.













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