The budget for 2022 was presented to and approved by the parents/guardians on 15 November 2021 at the SGB Annual General Meeting.     A resolution was adopted for compulsory school fees for the 2022 year.  The annual compulsory school fees for 2022 have been set at      R24 000.00 per learner.


Table View High School is a fee-paying school and charges compulsory school fees as permitted by the South African Schools Act (SASA) No. 84 of 1996.  In terms of this act, parents/guardians are liable to pay these compulsory school fees.  In terms of Section 40 & 41 of the Act, the School Governing Body may enforce payment of school fees and may thereby obtain such fees through legal action.


In the event of non-payment, action will be taken against both parents regardless of any maintenance agreements which may exist between the parties.  In terms of the school’s terms and conditions of enrolment you will be liable for all legal and collection fees.  In terms of Family Law, parents are jointly and severally liable for payments of learner's fees. School fees are exempt from the National Credit Act as this is a statutory debt. This debt may not be referred to a debt counsellor or Administrator for administration. Payment options must be arranged with the school.


Whilst school fees are payable in advance, the school offers the following payment structure to assist parents:

  1. Payment made in full, strictly on or before 31 January 2022, will qualify for a 10% discount, reducing the annual compulsory fees to
    R21 600.00 per learner.

  2. Payment made in full, strictly on or before 28 February 2022, will qualify for a 5% discount, reducing the annual compulsory fees to
    R22 800.00 per learner.

  3. 10 x equal monthly payments from February to November – R2 400.00 per learner

PLEASE NOTE: The following are the preferred methods of payment for school fees:

EFT or direct deposit – into the school’s bank account

Via cashless app on D6 connect

Table View High School ls a fee-paying school. As parents, you have all taken a conscious decision to enroll your children at a fee-paying school, rather than opt for a non-fee-paying school. Having chosen a fee-paying school, this places an obligation on you as parent to pay school fees.


The above notwithstanding, in terms of the South African Schools Act, families who are unable to afford the school fees are entitled to apply for a full, partial, or conditional exemption.  Parents who would like to apply for exemption of school fees must contact the finance office on finadmin@tvh.co.za to book an appointment to collect the necessary prescribed application forms.  The submission for application forms closes on 28 February 2022.  Please note that even though you may have received a rebate in the previous year, the law requires you to re-apply for exemption each year.

STUDY VISAS: In terms of the conditions set by the Department of Home Affairs for study visas, these parents may NOT apply for an exemption or any payment dispensations, as this contravenes the conditions of the study visa.  School fees must be paid in full. 


Statements are emailed monthly.  If your account is paid up to date you will not receive a statement unless you request one.   It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to inform the school of any change in address, contact numbers or email addresses.