It is COMPULSORY for learners to play ONE WINTER and ONE SUMMER school sport. 


Our four sport houses are Baird, Graaff, Janssens and Pentz. 


Currently the school offers the following sport disciplines:

SUMMER SPORT (1st & 3rd terms)

WINTER SPORT (2nd & 3rd terms)



We have well-maintained sports facilities to enable our learners to fully enjoy all the sport available to them.


2 x rugby fields      5 x netball courts             4 x tennis courts

2 x cricket fields     5 x cricket practise nets    3 x softball fields                                         2 x grass hockey fields     1 x  astro hockey field



Any learner participating in an outside sport, must adhere to the following:


A sport form must be completed by the outside coach.


Certified copies of the following must be handed in with the sport form:

- Proof of paid up membership of club fees

- Practice days and times

- Competition dates

- Results on an official club Letter head. 

- Result sheets must be handed in at the end of each term when the evaluation       sheet is completed.


If any of the above requirements are not met the learner will receive an “INCOMPLETE” evaluation mark.



The annual Sport Awards takes place during October each year. At this prestige event we congratulate our sport men, sport women and coaches for their sport achievements, enthusiasm and diligence during the year.


A learner qualifies for a team award in a particular sport if he/she complied with the stipulations in the Constitution of the Sport. That is the number of matches played for the first team, commitment, loyalty to the school, team and good sportsmanship.


Half colours will be awarded to a learner who obtained WP-colours in a non-school sport. A colours award is awarded to those who obtained Provincial colours in a school sport and school honours is awarded to any learner who obtained National colours for a school or non-school sport.